Physical Education and Health

Because of the evolution of modern technology, there have been a lot of unfit individuals who may be at risk of developing illnesses because of the lack of physical activities. That is why physical education should be a part of every curriculum in order to help students work on their flexes and muscles as well as learn the value of exercise to one’s health


Encourages Active Lifestyle


Through physical education classes, students will be motivated and assisted in continuing an active life even until they become adults. It is imperative for students to understand how their body functions and how physical education can offer them the chance to maximize the benefits of non-aerobic and aerobic exercises. Such education allows them to discover the relationship between physical exercise and body changes.


Provides Important Information About Nutrition


Physical education introduces fundamental nutritional concepts to students. Adolescents and children are the most common groups that practice poor eating habits but when they have a solid foundation of eating options that are healthy, they will be able to enhance food choices. Poor eating habits will increase the risk of developing serious health issues and increases obesity rates among students.


Help Develop Life Skills


Physical education classes provide students the opportunity to develop essential life skills like collaboration, creation of techniques and problem solving. A lot of sport teams demand athletes to work together to win a game. With physical education, students will also learn the value of sportsmanship which means learning the right strategies to win and accepting wins and losses.

Offers Mental Benefits

Physical activities that are performed regularly have been shown to provide mental benefits to people. For instance, exercise can minimize anxiety and depression as well as promote a sense of well-being. Physical education classes expose students to mental activities or games that challenge their mental ability while integrating strategy, teamwork and fun. An active lifestyle will prevent early memory loss and help them not to lose reasoning skills.


Fuels Self-Confidence


Overweight students tend to stay behind the rest of their group as they are usually ignored. Often, they are the subject of ridicule and teasing and they tend to skip physical education classes to save themselves from embarrassments. But participating in such classes will allow them to be helped by their teacher to learn to motivate themselves to work more and get rid of their extra weight. Physical activities will help them achieve a body shape that restores their self-confidence.


Physical education should be used by teachers as a springboard to motivate students to maintain a healthy lifestyle while they enjoy today’s technological conveniences.